Daily Reflection

A boy was reflecting sunlight from one piece of a broken mirror to the window of the 4th floor. A man saw this and got angry with him and said, that you are  naughty and disturbing the people out there. The boy said, sir, that’s where i live. i  have a small brother who is paralyzed and bedridden. The light i shine through this piece of mirror is the only light he sees each day.

This is what Jesus is asking each one of us. Be reflectors of Jesus for others.

Gifts that others give can become reminders to pray for the giver. you can light a candle for the person struggling. Candle can be a reminder and the flame a reminder of the spirit of love behind our prayer.

Meet the people as an opportunity for prayer

All the people we encounter each day can be moments of prayer. If we view ourselves as sparks of divine love, we have so many opportunities to spread that fire. In the simple exchange of each day , we can encounter the goodness in others. Each time the phone rings, we can focus on the call as a potential encounter with God.


Lord, grant me the serenity

to accept the things i cannot change,

courage to change the things i can

and the wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time

enjoying one moment at a time

accepting  hardships as the pathway to peace.

Taking as he did  this

sinful word as it is

not as I would have it.

Trusting that He will make

all things right if I

surrender to his will.


A Prayer of Reconciliation
Lord Christ, help us to see what it is that
Joins us together, not what separate us.
For when we see o nly what it is that
Makes us different we too often become
Aware of what is wrong with others. We
See only their faults and weaknesses, inter-
preting their actions as flowing from
Malice of hatred rather than fear. Even
When confronted with evil, Lord, you
Forgave and sacrificed yourself rather than
Seek revenge. Teach us to do the same by
The power of your Spirit.
“This is the way, walk in it,” remarks
Augustine. Walk by the way of the man
Christ and you will come to God, it is better
To limp along the true way than to
Walk fearlessly apart from it. A man may
Limp along the true way and seem to advance
Little. Yet he does draw near the goal;
But all the tireless running on the wrong road
only takes one ever farther from the goal.
If you are looking for your goal, cling to
Christ …. Cling to Christ, then, if you want
To be safe; you cannot go astray, for he is the way.
Those who cling to him do not walk in pathless
Places, but along the straight road.

St. Thomas Aquinas
The moment you are in tension
You will loose attention
Then you are in total confusion
And you will feel irritation.
Then you will spoil personal relation
Ultimately you won’t get co-operation
Then you will make things complication
Then your BP may also rise to caution
Then you may have to take medication
And try to think about the solution
Many problems will be solved by discussion
Which work out better in your profession
Don’t think it’s my free suggestion
It’s only for your prevention
If you understand my intention
You will never come again to tension.