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A dream you can dream together with the Divine, becomes a reality.
The formation of the CSST Association at Orlem, Malad.

          csst2yes         As I pen these lines my heart goes out in gratitude to God, the Almighty and to Sr. Thecla for starting this  CSST Association at Carmel of St. Jospeh, Orlem in Malad and then later taken over by Sr. Marion.

It was in 2007-2008 that Sr. Thecla started the CSST Association in Malad with just handful of members. I was the lucky one who joined the association and from then on we slowly grew to 16 members under the guidance of Sr. Marion.

These past years in the CSST Association have been special years of blessings, graces, inspiration and intervention of God in our lives and the mission here in Orlem. Sr. Thecla came across to me as a very sincere, outspoken, loving, prayerful person with deep commitment towards anything she undertook; she guided us in our spiritual life.

After Sr. Thecla, came Sr. Marion who is a voracious reader and a genius on the computer. She showed us many spiritual flash videos, video on the Life and Works of our Foundress, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima, history of Carmel. It touched our lives helping us to draw closer to the Lord. The prayer services and the inter- sharing of our experiences helped us to grow in faith.

Sisters asked us to pray to Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lime as she is a miracle worker and one member, Mrs. Wiinebald D’Silva (she is the clerk in the Primary section of our school) experienced healing of her long standing problem with her uterus. It will be worth mentioning here. She told us how it happened. She was suffering from profuse bleeding of the uterus for the past six months. Visits to the doctor and medicines did not do any good. The last verdict from the doctor was to undergo surgery to remove the uterus. She was heart-broken. Then suddenly she thought of the prayer card of Mother Teresa which was given to her and started praying by keeping the card on the lower part of the stomach. After a moth she began to feel better and on the following month the bleeding stopped. She visited the doctor and he was surprised to see the improvement. She was saved from the surgery through the intercession of Mother Teresa.  From that day onwards she is enjoying a peaceful and healthy life.

You will always be our angel dear Sr. Marion as you have guided us along the Carmel path. You have left an imprint not only on our minds but also in our hearts. We will miss you dearly.

We thank you for all the special times we shared and all the special things you have done for us. We thank God each time we think of you. God bless you abundantly with peace and good health. You have carved a niche in the hearts of all the CSST Associate members at Orlem.

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