St. Teresa’s Provincial House, Bhopal

History of Northern Province

This is how the Northern Province came into existence. The General Chapter of 1982 decided to divide the convents of the CSST Congregation into four regions for the following reasons:

To relate our apostolate more effectively to the needs of the various parts of the country; to facilitate administration; to make more personal care of the sisters.

Hence with the necessary permission from Rome, four regions were formed: Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and North.

The Northern region was spread across six states of India and had 12 convents: Giridihi, Chakai and Madhupur in Bihar; Gwalior, Raigarh and Bishrampur in M.P.; Bandra and Malad in Mumbai, Maharashtra; Balliguda in Orissa; Muzzaffarnagar in U.P.; 2 convents in Faridabad, Haryana.

Four Regional Superiors were appointed by the then Superior General, Mother Digna. The first Regional Superior of the Northern Region was Sr. Marina for the three year term followed by Sr. Yvonne Marie, Sr. Corsina.

However, just a year later in 1989, Rome approved of the regions being constituted as Provinces, hence the Regional Superiors and their Councillors were raised ‘ipso facto’ to the corresponding offices in their respective Provinces. Six more convents were opened in the North: Phulbani, Bhalua, Hatimara, Ranchi, Amravati and Indore.

In October 1990 the Provincial Chapter was convoked and Sr. Loretta was elected as the Provincial Superior for the triennium 1990- 1993. After staying in different houses, a plot was purchased on the outskirts of Bhopal, on which stands the present Provincial House.

In 1996 the Provincial Assembly elected Sr. Aloysia as the Provincial Superior followed by Sr. Marie Lucille, Sr. Gesualda and Sr. Jose Lynette in 2011 with their respective Councillors.

In April 2006, the General Chapter after weighing the pros and cons of establishing a fifth Province, decided to divide the North Province into North and East, for the very same reasons that prompted the General Chapter of 1982, to divide the houses of the Institute into regions. Hence in October 2006, the actual division took place with the establishment of the Eastern Province. The 12 convents that remained in the Northern Province were Delhi, Gwalior, Raigarh, Bishrampur, two in Mumbai and three in Bhopal.

Another important decision of the General Chapter 2006, was that every Province should open a convent outside its geographical boundaries. Hence the Provincial and her Council a convent was built and inaugurated on 30th January 2010 in Wayanad, Kerala.

Thus we have today, 13 convents in the Northern Province, spread across 6 States of India, with 89 sisters, including those who are working under the Centre.

We, the Carmelite Sisters are engaged in:

Prayer and Contemplation
Social Ministry
Prison Ministry
Youth Ministry
Front-line Ministry
Healing Ministry
Pastoral Work

Sisters in the Provincial house are also engaged in   certain forms of the Social Apostolate; tailoring centre and  remedial coaching classes for the village children who attend government schools.


Tailoring class is in progress.


Sr. Tina attends to the patients