Silver Jubilee of Northern Province

Northern Province: Silver Jubilee Celebration St. Teresa’s Provincial House, Bhopal. 31st July, 1st & 2nd August 2014 A Vibrant Celebration with a Difference!! 25 years of God’s compassionate and providential love, as well as the fruitful service of the CSSTs in North India, just cannot be overlooked or by-passed with only a day’s festivity. Hence the sisters of the Northern Province had a 2-day intensive evaluation of their religious life, with Sr. Lorraine, CSJ, as the resource person. This unique, soul-searching event, based on the Continue reading →

You Are Equipped

YOU ARE EQUIPPED This is specially for you Do you feel like you are facing something that is beyond you; that you are in over your head? You may be facing something big today, but that is a sure sign that you have a big destiny. You may feel small, you may not see how it´s going to work out, but you´ve got to remember who you are: a child of The Most High God because this is the inheritance Christ has given you when Continue reading →

Easter Message from the Provincial

EASTER MESSAGE from Provincial Superior The Joy of the Risen Lord Once, a group of young people came to meet a priest. Unfortunately this priest was one of those who for some reason are sad, disgruntled, moody and unwelcoming. After they finished their business with him, one of them dared to tell him: “Father, excuse my saying this, but looking at you I am convinced that Jesus Christ died. But I am not at all sure that He rose from the dead!” Joy is an essential Continue reading →